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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our objective would be to teach and market a lifestyle that is healthy includes a clear diet of mainly natural unprocessed meals, frequent exercise and holistic medicine whenever you can. We have been also advocates of employing whole plant supplements to simply help boost your overall health.

Why CBD Oil?

Our anatomies are really a self-healing organism. We have been brilliantly designed with normal mechanisms that kill toxic cells, battle infectious agents, repair broken proteins, keep our coronary arteries open and obviously fight the process of getting older. CBD services and products derived from hemp happens to be increasingly demonstrated to aid the human body in its self-repair procedure in multiple ways.

Our Tale

All of it began having a plant…

On a Spring 2018 day at Peru, while hiking the Inca path to Machu Picchu, Jason Cohen Co-founder of Tessera Naturals, was frequently given natural coca leaves by the locals to chew, or eat as a tea, which significantly assisted Jason relieve his outward indications of altitude vomiting. Locals additionally consume coca leaves for a number of other illnesses such as for instance weakness, nausea, headaches and many more.


Later that year, for a summer time getaway to the hills of Colorado, Jason along with his spouse Olga learned all about the health that is amazing and medicinal properties of CBD, quick for cannabidiol. This provided Jason a very severe case of deja-vu.

Just like the coca leaf, cannabis is just a pharmacologically complex plant which has had a long reputation for medicinal usage… and simply while the coca leaf has a stigma as it is the raw ingredient utilized to make cocaine, CBD can be misinterpreted as it is produced by cannabis, the exact same plant related to leisure cannabis.

Olga started frequently utilizing CBD cream to ease her chronic is cbd oil knee discomfort and both Jason and Olga took CBD oil and/or softgel capsules to support their occasional bouts of sleeplessness and also as a regular basic health routine. (więcej…)

Canabis Oil

Is Fat Good or Bad to consume?

Is Fat Good or Bad to consume?

Fat has become a fairly bad word. Anybody who is named fat immediately can feel an increase get on your steak it becomes a disappointment through them, and when you see too much of it. We see just just how much fat is in one thing and we also think, no chance am we putting that into my human body. But fat doesn't always have to be always a bad term. Fat does not have become frightening. Oahu is the variety of fat that really matters.

Should You Stop Eating Fat?

You will find various kinds of fat in food. A few of them are good them are okay in moderation, and some can lead to heart disease for you, some of. The four fats that people get in meals are:

Trans fat

Saturated fat

Monounsaturated fat

Polyunsaturated fat

Trans Fat

Trans fat may be the worst fat. Steer clear of trans fat if you're able to. Trans fats don't have any understood healthy benefits, and there's no level that is safe of. (więcej…)

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