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Famous Bridges in St Petersburg: Drawbridges Opening Time 2019

Famous Bridges in St Petersburg: Drawbridges Opening Time 2019

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Peter the Great designed St. Petersburg as Amsterdam and Venice, with canals in place of roads. About ten bridges were initially built within the town, primarily through ditches and little streams. Peter’s concept ended up being that in the summertime months the townspeople had to go by watercraft, and during the cold winter months, as soon as the water froze — on sledges. But after Peter’s death, the construction of bridges proceeded, therefore the residents of St. Petersburg made a decision to maneuver around the town by walking or perhaps in horse-drawn carriages.

Temporary pontoon bridges were utilized during summer. The very first permanent bridge of stone and rock over the Neva had been integrated 1850.

There are numerous streams, canals and lakes inside the boundaries for the city that is modern. 342 bridges are tossed through them. A few of them are little pedestrian bridges, other people are huge transportation arteries. You will find bridges manufactured in various designs with designs such as for instance lanterns, statues, horses, lions, sphinxes and gryphons. (więcej…)

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